‘Train Horn’ Max Train Corset & Waist Trainer Corset Review

Jun 20, 2021 Courses

i liked trains,was wondering if this was a toy,and theres a lot of info on youtube about train horns,so i thought i would give it a try.

i got the corset for $60 on line,but it isnt a really comfortable fit and the waist trainer corsets werent as great.

theres some nice reviews for it on line that say it is good for training, but its not.theres also a corset on sale for $55 on line.its nice, but not as comfortable as i would have liked.

the waist training boys are good too,but theres still a lot to be said about this toy.

i would love to try this corset if i had the money to spend on it.the corset itself isnt really that comfortable,but i think the waist trainers are.

i cant go in and see the waist corset because it is very heavy,so its not as much of a challenge as i thought it would be.i do like the train horn feature.

it gives you a little signal when the horn is going to come out,and i can’t really tell when the corset will be out.it also has a little “lock” feature,so you dont have to put it on if you dont want to. the other feature i like is the strap feature.

its pretty easy to set up and theres no instructions on how to do it. you just pull the straps together and slide it in.the only issue i have is that the straps are not long enough for me to wear them in the waist.

i can wear them around my waist and still have enough room for the cuffs.i will be keeping this toy in my bag and will probably wear it in a cowl at least once a week.the toy has some great reviews and it does seem to have some great quality, but i am not sure about the fit,as i didnt get a chance to try it on before i got it. the straps seem to be a little loose.

the strap itself is nice,but they dont seem to stretch out well.

i couldnt really see the strap being a big deal in the long run,but I wouldnt necessarily say it would suit someone who has an active lifestyle.the price for this corsetry is $55, so it may be worth the extra cost.

i have no complaints about this cosset and would recommend it to anyone.source MTV News

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