‘The first thing I thought was, this is not going to be a normal day’ for Melbourne train drivers

Jul 23, 2021 Quote

From the moment you step off a train and walk into a crowded station, you’re going to see things that are not normal.

“It’s a bit of a shock.

I had to be reminded of that,” said Melbourne train driver Chris Pritchard.

It’s not just the smell of smoke.

Pritchett’s train was one of two train lines that had been shut down on Monday morning, and the train driver was the only one who was able to continue to work.

“It was a bit strange,” he said.

I was like ‘I’m going to have to stop now’ and they told me to go back.

The smell from the smoke was a little bit different. “

The smell was awful.

The smell from the smoke was a little bit different.

But there was no real fear, I just felt that I had done the right thing.”

Pritchard was not alone.

In the early hours of the morning, passengers were told to stay in their seats as the train came to a stop, and trains were diverted to the other tracks to carry passengers to and from Melbourne Airport.

Preliminary findings from the Victorian Department of Transport and Main Roads show that at least eight train services in Melbourne’s CBD were affected.

They include: Train No. 4 and 5, which were affected on the Western Freeway from the city to Ballarat, and on the Eastern Freeway between the city and the airport.

All trains were also affected on track 9 from the Western Highway to the Melbourne International Airport.

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