FitBit 3 review: Fitbit has finally solved my workout addiction

Aug 8, 2021 Courses

Fitbit and Apple have been fighting for months over who can get the best fit tracker, but it’s finally settled.

Here are our Fitbit 3 reviews.


Fitbit Surge: The Surge’s new features make it the most flexible fitness tracker in the world.

Its built-in GPS works across all the major devices and apps.

But the Surge also has a heart rate monitor, heart rate sensor, a heart monitor app, and an advanced sleep tracking app.

The Surge also features a built-out GPS that works across the entire Fitbit range, but the only apps we have access to are the Sleep Tracker app and Fitbit Dashboard.

This is a good thing.

The surge also has an excellent fitness tracking app, which includes daily and weekly workouts and sleep tracking.


Fitbits Wahoo: The Wahoo is a wearable device with a smartwatch-like design.

It also has some fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, an accelerometer, and a GPS.

The Waho is the Fitbit of fitness tracking, and its app is a great way to track your progress in a variety of activities.

It includes a fitness tracker, a pedometer, a sleep tracker, and even an integrated phone app.


FitBit Charge: The Charge is the latest fitness tracker that makes you wear a smartphone and has a good screen.

The Charge works with almost any Android device, including phones running Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

You can sync data to your Fitbit account, and it has a wide range of features, such as heart rate and heart rate zones.

But it’s not the most comfortable watch on the market.

It’s also pricey.

But for $100, it’s worth it. 4.

Fitbuds: These are fitness trackers that have built-ins for running, cycling, and swimming.

They’re also available in three different colors, and they can also be worn with gloves and goggles.

The Fitbud is a solid tracker for running and cycling.

It has a touchscreen, a sensor that tracks steps and distance, and is waterproof.

But you also get a heart-rate monitor, which is nice for workouts that require a bit of cardio.


FitBuds Power: This is another fitness tracker for runners and triathletes.

It uses an accelerometers and GPS to track distance and time, and the Power has a screen.

It is waterproof and has an accelerometric sensor, and comes with an alarm.

It does not have a heart or pulse sensor.


FitzFit: This smartwatch comes with fitness tracking.

It can be used with any Android phone, but we have to mention that it’s expensive.

The device is also not the best for cycling, but there are several other smartwatches on the scene that are better for cycling.


FitZoom: This fitness tracker has built-on heart rate sensors and an accelerograph for tracking speed and distance.

The battery life is also good.

But Fitzoom is also expensive.


FitBand: This new fitness tracker from Fitbit promises a lot of features.

It offers an advanced pedometer and heart-rates monitor.

But that is not what we have seen in FitBand 2.

The band can also track distance.


FitBeats: This band is a fitness tracking device that comes with a pedometers and a heart sensor.

It works with Android phones running 5.1 or higher, and has heart rate tracking as well.

However, it is not waterproof and can’t track distance as well as the FitBeams Power or FitBud.


FitTiger: This tracking device from FitTegra can track speed, distance, heart rates, and altitude.

However it is only waterproof for swimming and cycling, not for running.


FitSense: This wearable tracker from Apple promises to offer “the most accurate heart rate measurement ever.”

But we have not seen it yet.


FitStar: This tracker from the FitStar team promises to track heart rate, distance and altitude, but so far it has only measured heart rate.


FitSpot: This trackers from FitSpot promises to measure speed, height, and speed zone, but only for cycling and swimming workouts.

It only has a few features, and we have yet to try it out.


FitMob: This running tracker from Runkeeper promises to help you keep track of your running activities, including pace and distance while running.

But we haven’t seen it for ourselves yet.


FitConnect: This heart rate tracker from Connect IQ promises to work with most smartphones running Android 4.0 and higher, including the FitPad, FitBook, and FitBand.


FitPro: This wrist-worn tracker from Samsung promises to be a heart tracker, not a fitness one.


FitPulse: This watch has built in heart rate monitors, but they’re only on the FitBand and

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