Woman has sex with train after meeting trainer

Aug 22, 2021 About Us

A German train operator has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for an online relationship with a train rider.

The man, identified as Robert Jäger, had been accused of cheating on his wife, who he had met online, according to German news agency DPA.

Jägers’ wife said she had been shocked by the sentence, but was not surprised by it.

The judge ordered him to pay a total of 150,000 euros ($174,000) in restitution and ordered him not to travel to Germany for three years.

He had been living in a luxury apartment with his wife in Berlin.

The German Federal Criminal Police Office said Jäges wife had a history of drug use and alcohol abuse.

The case was investigated by the Federal Office for the Prevention of Crimes against Children.

He was accused of having sex with a male train passenger in October 2016, DPA reported.

The court said that the suspect’s wife had an alcohol problem and was addicted to prescription drugs.

Prosecutors said the couple met online in April 2017.

The woman was told by the train operator that she would be able to pay the train ride in advance and that the train would stop in the station.

The train operator asked her to take a shower, which she did, the prosecutor said.

She was then taken to a private room and the suspect had sex with her in a bathroom.

The suspect had intercourse with her several times in a room with the train, and she then told him that she had sex in a hotel room, according the court document.

He then took her to another room, where she slept for about an hour, and when he woke up, she had intercourse again, the court said.

The victim reported the incident to the police, and investigators were able to identify Jägegers wife, the DPA said.

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