How German Shepherd Trainers Teach Kids How to Train their Own Dogs

Aug 26, 2021 About Us

German Shepherd Trainer’s Blog (UK), by Peter O’Connor, August 15, 2019: When my children were in elementary school, my daughter was given a pair of German Shepherd trainers. 

This was a good introduction to how to interact with a dog, and was also a chance for me to get to know my little dog in a different way. 

She is a smart, well-mannered dog who is naturally curious and playful, but she has a hard time understanding that there are certain things that you cannot see. 

We spent a lot of time trying to teach her to spot the difference between a treat and a toy, or how to play fetch. 

A German Shepherd is a great trainer and they do not make any mistakes, but it took a lot more work to get the dog to understand what was a treat, what was not a treat. 

One day my son had a bad case of OCD, and we were working on the dog’s mind. 

I started talking about a treat for her, and she stopped listening. 

When she started to react to my talk, I said: “Go and get your dog some treats. 

Get a toy for her.” 

Then I walked to my daughter’s room and I handed her a toy. 

“Go and put it in your mouth.” 

My son was thrilled to see that the dog was looking at him, and he started sniffing and playing with it. 

My daughter was very happy to see him. 

Then she began to react with the toy, and my son told me: “I told you, I told you to take the toy.” 

“But Dad, I have to put it into your mouth!” 

“Yes, but that’s OK, the dog won’t be mad.” 

She was just beginning to react and I said, “She’s playing with your toy now. 

Don’t be scared, just sit here and watch her.”

The dog was watching my son and began to play with the toys. 

Soon my daughter had a very happy dog. 

At first she would be angry at me for telling her to sit and watch, but eventually she just became a loyal dog who could trust me. 

If I had known that this dog was an OCD dog, I would have done everything I could to help. 

But the dog did not respond to my efforts to help, and her behavior had improved dramatically.

She loves me, and I can tell you that she loves her toy now!

If you’re looking for a great German Shepherd trainer for your dog, look no further!

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