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We partner with our client in ensuring that the client’s management systems such as QMS, OHSAS, EMS, FSMS are implemented and certified using best professional hands in driving the project through. We also ensure to deliver our projects to clients specification within our clients budget.

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Business Process Integration

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Business Process Integration

Business Process Integration (BPI) is essential for businesses looking to connect systems and information efficiently. BPI allows for automation of business processes, integration of systems and services, and the secure sharing of data across numerous applications. Overcoming integration challenges allows organizations to connect systems internally and externally. Moreover, BPI allows for the automation of management, operational, and supporting processes. This gives businesses an edge over competitors as they can spend less time concerned about the challenges of integration and more time and energy on driving new business.

Previously, business process integration software was only available to large enterprise companies that could afford it. Today, businesses of all sizes need an efficient integration solution to streamline processes between marketing, sales, customer service, and supply chain management, etc. Integration among administrative, operational, and support processes increases productivity by simplifying regular enterprise functions.

Integration Barriers

Companies without an integration solution often resort to manual data entry. This method requires individuals to transfer data from one application to another by hand, often resulting in “swivel chair” data entry. Such a technique is time-consuming and expensive. Some companies employ data loaders or other tools to help integration, yet with limited connectivity to certain services, they are not always scalable

Business Process Integration Solution

Organizations seek a solution not only to synchronize applications and systems internally, but also to connect externally to partner, supplier, and customer systems. Business process management strives to improve processes and align the needs of customers with company objectives. This gives businesses visibility and flexibility, making them more efficient and innovative.

Moreover, workflow automation promotes efficient interactions between process models and data models. Business process re-engineering works towards improving efficiency across the business model by helping companies evaluate and implement best practices for process automation and business integration. Critical governance and operations processes can be automated and synchronized to ensure businesses follow standards. Core business processes relating to marketing, sales, and purchases can be integrated with support and accounting to enhance visibility and improve communication across the team. With critical business processes automated, companies are free to focus primarily on driving new business.