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Why you should never click on pictures of dogs

What to do if you see pictures of a dog on your computer screen or in your social media feeds?

The answer is simple: You should NEVER click on them.

And, no, that doesn’t mean you should take photos of a puppy or a dog that is on the streets or in the backyard, because that would be the wrong thing to do.

If you do see pictures, make sure they are NOT dog-related and/or you are not in the right location.

Do not click on any dog picture that is not a dog.

Do not click the dog picture, even if it is a photo of a friend or family member of yours.

The dog picture is not yours and, in fact, you can’t control whether it is.

Do NOT click the picture of a police dog.

The police dog is a professional dog that was trained to assist law enforcement officials and is trained to detect dangerous or suspicious behavior.

They are trained to sniff for drugs and other substances.

You are not responsible for any illegal actions that occur when you use a police or police-trained dog.

If a picture of your child shows you to be too close to a dog, DO NOT click on it.

If a picture shows you too close or too far from a dog and you are in the middle of a traffic jam, DO not click it.

If the picture is of a pet, it is considered a public health hazard.

If the picture shows a dog being taken away, DO click it and call 911.

If your child is not wearing a protective vest, do not click.

If your child has been bitten or has received a wound, DO get medical help immediately.

If you are on the phone with your child and they are on a leash or are in an enclosed area, DO call 911 and the police department should be notified immediately.

If it’s a photo that was taken of you and you have a dog with you, do NOT click it unless you have been told that it is not your child or a friend of yours and you want to make sure the picture isn’t going to be taken.

If it is your child, you should ask your child’s family or friends to show the picture to the police.

Do NOT click unless you are asked by the police officer or the police dog handler.

Do you have any tips to share about safety?

If so, please let us know by posting your tips in the comment section below.

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