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The salary ranges for athletic trainers vary widely and often involve some sort of compensation, according to the salary ranges of the top-paid trainers in the sport.

The Australian Sports Commission, the body responsible for ensuring athletes are paid fairly, says that the salary range for a trainer is determined by a number of factors including whether the trainer works on an individual or a team sport and how much the trainer is paid per hour worked.

“The salary ranges can vary greatly and are based on a number for example the number of hours worked per week and the number and type of sports the trainer plays,” a spokesperson said.

“This is how much an individual trainer can make.”

Athletes who are working full-time or part-time on their own often receive a much lower amount of money than a trainer working for an agency or a company.

The most common salary ranges are around $150,000 for a full-timer and $50,000 per year for an assistant trainer, the spokesperson said, adding that they were based on how much time each individual athlete spent working in the sports they work.

Some sports, such as track and field, are more popular than others.

Sports Australia’s annual survey found that more than 70 per cent of athletes had been offered a full or part time contract in one sport and a full time contract offered to a full, part-timer in another sport.

However, it is not uncommon for some sports to offer a full salary to an athlete who works part-timly in their sport.

Some sport clubs and some sports associations offer a maximum salary to athletes who work full- and part- time.

Athletic trainers also can be paid on an hourly basis, with a range of hourly rates.

An average sportsman in Australia earns $18,200 an hour, the Australian Sports Council (ASC) said.

In 2017, the ASC estimated that there were more than 15,000 sportspeople working full or partial time, although the figures vary depending on which sports are included in the survey.

Some of the highest-paid athletes in Australia are currently part-times, with the likes of former Olympian and current AFL and NRL star Ben Cousins being the highest paid.

The average sportsperson earns $20,200 per annum, according the ASI.

ATHLETE SALARY TRAINING RANGED $2.2M, 2017: Australian Sportswear Association (ASA) spokesman Rob Smith said there was no need to be worried about paying a trainer more than the minimum wage because there were so many sportsmen in Australia who were working full time.

“There’s a huge amount of sportspeople in Australia and there’s a lot of sports clubs that have full- or part times,” he said.

“They’re really just looking for a way to support themselves.”

“There’s no need for us to worry about them.

If you look at how many sports people play, there’s always been a minimum wage and a lot more for part- or full-timers.”

Athletes at the top of the pay scale are not required to be full- time employees, meaning they have no minimum wage obligations, but some have been working fulltime.

Former Olympic sprinter and former AFL footballer Tom Rockliff is the highest earning sportsperson in Australia, according a 2015 ASI report, with an annual salary of $28.3 million.

Former AFL footballer and former footballer Ben Cousins is currently the highest paying sportsperson, earning $21.8 million in 2017.

He is the first to have achieved this position after retiring from AFL.

BARRY COX is a sports columnist for FourFourtwo and writes for the Daily Telegraph.

Follow him on Twitter: @barrycox

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