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‘I can’t believe this happened’: Two children killed in train crash in Ontario

A train carrying two children and a service dog crashed into a home in North Bay, Ont., Thursday, killing one child and injuring the other, authorities said.

The two children were not wearing seat belts, said the Ontario Provincial Police.

They were travelling in the family vehicle.

A man was arrested and charged with causing death by careless driving.

The Ontario Provincial Fire Marshal’s Office said in a news release that one person was taken to hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and that the children were uninjured.

The train was travelling northbound on the BNSF Railway near Richmond when it came to a stop at a stoplight at around 7:30 a.m.

ET, said police spokesperson Mike Fergus.

It’s not clear why the train derailed.

It is believed to have been travelling southbound on a two-way street when it crashed.

There were two children in the vehicle, according to Fergus, with one child wearing a seat belt and the other with a service harness.

Fergus said the train driver was taken into custody.

Police had been called about a car crash at a home on the northbound side of the intersection.

“The occupants of the car fled from the scene,” Fergus told CBC News.

“Police have yet to find any other vehicles involved in this crash.”

When the ‘Spring Training’ of the Armies is Over, How Will the Navy train its new Service Dogs?

The Army announced Tuesday that it would begin training the service dog for the first time in the service academy.

The service academy will use its new dogs to train new soldiers, train new sailors and train new airmen, according to the announcement.

The service academy is also preparing for the Navy to start using the new service dogs to help train sailors and airmen.

The Navy is also planning to deploy new service dog units to the U.S. Navy’s fleet of amphibious ships.

The U.K. is also working to deploy the service dogs for use in its own armed forces.

The Army said it would be using the service animals to train soldiers and airman, but only during the initial training period.

The Navy said that it will use the service pets during the training period to train its newest recruits.

“The new service animals are an important part of our training programs, which are designed to increase military readiness, reduce the incidence of injuries and prepare new officers for the Army’s diverse, multi-service force,” said Rear Adm.

Brian R. Williams, commander of Naval Special Warfare.

“The Navy is always looking for ways to enhance our readiness, and our new service pets provide a great way to do that.”

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